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GUNDOG - Director

by Simon Longman.

November 2022

Chapel off chapel, Melbourne

"Director Alonso Pineda has masterfully captured the isolation and cynicism that bleeds from every page, crafting a heartbreaking interpretation of this raw, ‘timeless’ world."

Theatre press

"...Pineda relishes in confronting audiences with unspoken questions about what they would do in a similar circumstance."


“Land beneath our feet. Got all our blood inside it hasn’t it? All that time. Belongs to us.”

Time is always moving somewhere – but here it’s very quiet. On a farm in the middle of rural England, sisters Becky and Anna try to keep the family business going after the death of their mother. When they encounter a stranger on their land, the three are united in their determination to endure the elements and the circular nature of time.

Originally commissioned for the UK’s Royal Court, Simon Longman’s dark comedy explores the complexities of generational and familial responsibility and the looming climate crisis. Gundog is told through the lens of a young family at the brink of collapse. These characters weave a prescient tale of heartbreak, loss, and love that speaks both to the despair and hope of a generation.

Creative team:

Playwright -  Simon Longman

Director - Alonso Pineda

Producer - Three Fates Theatre

Stage Manager - Lowana Van Dorssen

Set design - Freya Allen

Costume design - Zoe Hawkins

Lighting design - Harrie Hogan

Original music and Sound design - Sam Porter

Fight director - Joshua Bell

Accent coach - Matt Furlani


Dion Mills, Thalía Dudek, Andy Johnston, Laura McCluskey and Alexandros Pettas.

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