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CONSTELLATIONS - Creative Producer

by Nick Payne.


La Teatreria, Mexico City

Originally premiered in 2012 at the Theatre Upstairs at the Royal Court Theatre in London. 

This story is about infinite love, quantum multiverse theory, free will and honey. Marianne and Roland meet and immediately fall in love...or they don't. Maybe they have the sweetest love story, or maybe not.

Creative team:

Producers - Alonso Pineda, Mónica Huarte, Raúl Ávila and Oscar Carnicero.

Director - José Manuel López Velarde

Set design - Jorge Ballina

Costume design - Gabriela Fernández

Lighting design - Ingrid Sac

Composer - Isaac Saúl

Assistant Director - Evan Regueira


Marianne - Mónica Huarte

Roland - Ignacio Tahhan

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