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Alonso Pineda (pin-eh-dah) (he/him) is a Perfomance Director, Producer and Creator originally from México City. He is proudly the first Latino graduate of the Master of Directing for Performance at The Victorian College of the Arts in Melbourne, Australia, where he currently resides.

Alonso believes that no matter the place where someone was born, the language, the colour of the skin or the gender, we all share a basic commonality - we are human, we are dreamers, we need storytelling.


He is mainly interested in staging brave and contemporary stories that invite diverse audiences to reflect on humanity through vertiginous emotional journeys. His work is a mirror where artists and spectators are invited to recognize themselves and explore their curiosities.

Through directing, producing or originating ideas and concepts, Alonso believes in the power of performing arts to transform people and keep society moving forward.

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