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NOTHING - Director

by Fleur Murphy based on the novel by Janne Teller.

March 2022

Fortyfivedownstairs, Melbourne

"..Pineda’s direction perfectly brings the script to life with an overflow of finely crafted choices. Each scene is choreographed with a deft hand – keenly wringing out each emotion, each nuance and each spine tingling twist, to keep the audience on their toes."

Australian Arts Review

" adaptation with main stage potential."

                                                        The Age

When Pierre Anthon declares that nothing matters, he leaves his ninth-grade classroom, climbs a plum tree, and stays there. To prove to him that life is full of worth his classmates make a "pile of meaning" and sacrifice things of great importance; Dungeons & Dragons books, a fishing rod, a pair of green sandals, a pet hamster…  

Each offering becomes more extreme. And what if, after all these sacrifices, the pile still isn’t meaningful enough to bring Pierre Anthon down?

Creative team:

Playwright -  Fleur Murphy

Director - Alonso Pineda

Assistant Director - Karla Livingstone-Pardy

Movement Supervision - Cassandra Gray

Set and Costume design - Karine Larché

Lighting design - Harrie Hogan

Original music and Sound design - Sam Porter

Music Supervisor  - Lara Dawson

Set Building - Madelline Hillam

Song "That meant the world to me" by Jacob Diamond

Producer - Ryan Stewart


Rebecca Makar, Jessica Martin, Connor James, Laurence Young and Eddie Pattinson.

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