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RAG AND BONE - Executive Producer

by Noah Haidle

May 2018

Centro Cultural San Angel, Mexico City

This is a heartfelt comedy about the limits of feeling, and the consequences of either feeling nothing or too damn much?

Two brothers, Jeff and George, run The Ladder Store, which is actually a front for their business in black-market hearts. In this world, hearts are bought and sold for people who can’t feel enough.

Creative team:

Playwright -  Noah Haidle

Adapted to Spanish - Paula Zelaya

Producer - La Teatreria company

Director - Antonio Serrano

Set and lighting design - Jesús Hernández

Costume design - Aldo Vázquez Yela 

Composer - Alejandro Giacomán

Movement advisor: Marco Antonio Silva

Assistant Director - Isaías Martínez


Plutarco Haza, Fabiola Campomanes, Héctor Kotsifakis, Vince Miranda, Ruy Senderos, Mercedes Vaughan, Pepe Lambarri, Jorge Aranda

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